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We have an advanced on-page Amazon SEO strategy that will boost your products to the top of the listings in Amazon & Google!

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On-page optimization

Our main goal is to bring in more organic traffic by getting your listings at the top of Amazon and also at the top of Google.  We take your listings and go through our optimization process by making sure the URL, title, images, description, keyword density, and anchor text are all suited for ranking. Also there are other factors such as reviews and how many sales, etc.

Off-page optimization

When it comes to off page optimization, we use our strategic link building process to the individual products. We also have a anchor text building process that assures our product listings stay put. As for the rest of the optimzation, contact us today to find out more!

competitive analysis

This piece of the puzzle is one worth taking your time with. You want to make sure that you find the products that are the top sellers to obtain a higher conversion rate. We also review competitors prices which allows us to determine the best price to set. By conducting a deep analysis of the competitors going over their titles, descriptions, photos, videos, bundles etc, we are able to be more efficient.

Amazon Consulting

Our consultants have a very unique way of going about getting your products ranked in Amazon. With a combination of several tactics, we are able to drive products to the top of Amazon listing and to the first of Google.


Outside of the obvious of making money online, there are some pros that help ease the process.

1. First off you dont need a website to start making money with amazon products.

2. Amazon will handle the shipping, the customer service, and will act as a merchant of records.

3. Gives a seller an amazing opportunity to sell where 44% of web shoppers go to purchase products.

4. Over 244 million people use Amazon and over 54 million use Amazon Prime so the opportunity is there.


Here at +NRGY we understand that you have to pay to play. Amazon makes their money by giving people the chance to promote their products online and charging them fees to function accordingly. There are also a few things that you have to keep an eye on like negative reviews and you have to accept the fact that you will lose some control. These fees include.  

1. There are two options to selling, as an individual or as the merchant. The individual route includes a $.99 fee per sale + a additional %. The merchant route includes a $39.99/month but no fee per sale.

2. There are monthly storage fees from Jan. – Sep. at $.48 per cubic ft and Oct – Dec. at $.64 per cubic ft.

3. There are also inventory placement fees, order handling fees, and pick and pack fees.



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