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Reporting & Analytics

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Custom reporting

+NRGY Marketing takes pride in delivering reports directly to all of our clients. Before doing business we first like to determine your goals as a business  and from that we can determine the goals of the campaign. When working with +NRGY Marketing for your online marketing, your business will notice a significant amount of quality traffic to your website and a constant growth in size of your online presence. 

Outside reporting

We do understand that reports from your website are simply not enough. Because of this, our team will go above and beyond to deliver reports from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Youtube and other social media channels. For each of these channels, reports will be delivers based on the account presence or via paid interaction


Competitor reporting

We conduct deep thorough analysis of all of your top competitors and we deliver the reports upon agreement of working with each other. This analysis gives us as a company the upperhand when trying to get your business to the place it deserves to be. Our analysis includes market and competitor research to dive into what are they currently doing that your business may not be doing. We take the good, build on it and capitalize on what they are currently doing that isn’t working as well. When it comes to SEO this is crucial to be able to go in and see where there links are coming from and with that we can piggyback on their efforts to give your business the compeitive advantage.

keyword reporting

After an agreement of using our SEO services, we will deliver a report of the current keywords your business is currently ranking for if any at all. With SEO there is some patience required but within the first two months there will be a significant increase of the amount of keywords and the ranking of your current ones. By month six your website will break through to the first page of Google.  With all of your pages on your website being indexed and your content continuously improving, your website will begin to see spikes in traffic and your business will start growing like never before.

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