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How +NRGY Operates


At +NRGY, the way we operate and conduct business is just different. We don’t operate like most app agencies, disappearing for weeks at a time resulting in unsatisfactory products and services. Communication with our clients throughout our delievery of service is essential for +Results. We value your opinion and rely on your feedback to ensure your products and services are being presented to your standards. Our mobile applications are built for IOS devices and are tailored towards your specific brand.  We offer flexible packages for our mobile apps. Every business is unique and has its own identity so before we make any decisions, we ask that you review our mobile application survey which includes the  different types of functionality your business would like for the app to have, your budget for the projectand also whether or not your business would like a to use their current logo or would like to have one designed. 

 Mobile App building processes


We use your brand to create an identity for your app. This includes color palettes, iconography, typography and completing it with your business’s logo. If you do not have a business logo, we can create one for you.


Our development process goes beyond just creating a working app. We build smooth and engaging apps that are equipped with speed. We use powerful platforms such as Firebase to allow it to scale.



This is where we get busy, creating an app that connects with your target audience on an emotional level. With functionality such as swiping, taping and pinching, we can craft an elegant, functional design that users will love.


Having a good understanding your app’s uncontested market space is key to making your competition irrelevant. We use (+) strategies that will help your app stand out in the app stores.

Great UX

A well laid out app store description makes sure your users know about your app. Our support team will make all of your interactions with you and your app a great experience for your audience.


Analysis is very important when it comes to deciding the next move. We don’t let opinions become the leading factor in making key decisions because this is where we let the data do all the work. 


NRGY Marketing

Our +NRGY marketing strategies make it possible to get the word out as fast as possible to the right audience for your business. We’ve developed key relationships with app sites with large followings to ensure you that we will deliver.


We create app-focused landing pages along with stunning websites. There’s nothing like having a great app with a website to back it up.

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